How to grow healthy seedlings

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Anyone who dreams that his plot was ripe organic vegetables, remember: experienced growers already prepare for the new season. The end of February – a good time to start seedlings. This will not only brighten up gray days in the spring and is better will affect the harvest.

Healthy seedlings that began life indoors, less prone to diseases and attacks of pests, they seem to tolerate the vicissitudes of climate, than the young shoots, hatched from seed in the open ground.


The first step on the way to harvest seeds of good quality and to visit On the package except the manufacturer must be present: the shelf life or sale, quantity, or weight of seeds, the exact name and description of the variety, lot number. The expiration date should be marked with an ink marker, not a printed font, like the rest of the text on the packaging.

There are hybrid seeds and varietal. Which is better? Hybrid denoted by the letter F with the number that indicates what generation they are. Plants of the first (F1) and subsequent generations are superior to the parent varieties for yield, earliness, disease resistance, etc. But their seeds are not used because they do not preserve the parent properties. In addition, hybrid plants require greater attention.

Varietal plants, less whimsical, grown in the open ground, and received from them seeds suitable for later playback.


To prevent diseases of seedlings, conduct disinfection of seeds. Easier to just warm it using a UV lamp. If no lights, seeds incubated 6 to 24 hours in different solutions. Good job with harmful fungi and bacteria, aloe Vera juice, a solution of mustard, potassium permanganate, hydrogen peroxide and acetic acid.

In addition, conduct heat treatment – wet and dry heating. Seeds were placed in thermos and pour water with a temperature of 50-52 ºC. Stand 20-25 minutes, then immerse in cold water, and then dried.

Want an easier way – choose the seeds on the package that says that the disinfection has already taken place.

Where to plant?

It is best if the seed will grow in individual containers. So you don’t have to injure the seedling intermediate transfers. This is especially important for cucumbers, zucchini and eggplant – their root system is very susceptible to damage. It is better to sow two seeds in one glass. As soon as 2-3 true leaves, the weaker plant is removed.

Are ready made seedling cassettes, pots or just plastic cups with done in the bottom holes. The most convenient – pots of peat or pressed rice flour. Then right along with the seedlings placed in the open ground, where they decompose safely.

Can be sown in droves. For this purpose, ideal for propagator – boxes of seedlings with a weak electric heated transparent lid. The seeds germinate extremely quickly. However, as soon as the second pair of leaves, the company will still have to settle in individual pots. This laborious process is called swordplay.